Lecture Type
Advanced Lecture
28.8. – 8.9.2017 (more details to be announced later)
Web Security


In this two-week block lecture, we will cover many aspects of the Web’s security models and issues, both on the client and server side. To that end, the course introduces the most important client-side security mechanisms, shows how they evolved over time and what caveats they have. Moreover, the second half of the course then focusses on different server-side vulnerability classes and appropriate countermeasures to allow for secure server-side development. To increase exposure of the students to the topic, each afternoon will feature exercises corresponding to the lecture given in the mornings. Each lecture will also feature a presentation on state-of-the-art research for the covered topic, with the goal of an interactive discussion between lecturer and participants.
More details, especially on the registration process, will be available at the end of May/beginning of June. If you have questions about the lecture, please contact Ben Stock .