Fabian Bendun
M.Sc. |

Curriculum Vitae

I started studying computer science during school time as a so-called Juniorstudent. Consequently, I started studying CS in october 2008 at Saarland University. I handed in my bachelor's thesis in april 2010 and finished my bachelor studies with the FdSI-Bachelor's prize. Through the Graduate School of CS, I became a PhD student. My supervisor is Prof. Michael Backes.



For checking compliance with privacy regulations, the respective laws have to be represented in a computer-readable form. Classically, this is done by modeling laws as logical formulas and verifying whether a predicate is logically entailed.

This is in contrast to the juristical judgement of compliance, where it is common to judge on precedents. In this project we formalize case-law and use this formalization to learn in which contexts a given predicate is satisfiable.